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Jimmy, Homeless in Salina

My last blog said we were looking for him.  Well, we’ve found him, and so has all of Salina!

Jimmy has gone viral in Salina!

How many of you have gone by to offer him food, money, blankets or some offering of assistance?  How many have driven by and spat or thrown things at him or even just quietly cursed his existence calling him a blight on “our” street corner?

In talking with people in the community who have known and been offering assistance to Jimmy for many years, he is a gentle soul.  Jimmy’s an artist and he will show you his carved wooden cross with pride.  He’s a man of faith and those who go to see him will hear his message of Jesus.  What does Jimmy have to teach all of us?

“The Joan Jerkovich Show”, coming soon to 910 KINA, Saturdays at 9am, will explore the stories of the homeless.  Why does Jimmy choose to live at the bridge when he has other options?  Does he have family and friends?  What challenges must they have endured over the years?  We’d like to hear from you.  Send “The Joan Jerkovich Show” your comments!

Joan Jerkovich

Joan Jerkovich is a Certified Life Coach and Entrepreneur who’s business ventures include owning “Dignity Care Home”, an assisted living facility; Producing feature films and screenwriting. Contact Joan and her production team at tjjs.radio@gmail.com. We welcome your crazy, fun and entertaining show ideas and comments!The Joan Jerkovich Show Theme Music