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Aliens Among Us

My talk show guest, Herman, talks about the aliens among us and how we can identify them.  He himself has had 4 encounters with these beings.

Herman is not alone in his belief about extraterrestrials from Planet X visiting Earth.  In 1995 Nancy Lieder, a Wisconsin woman, came forward to say that as a little girl she encountered the aliens she calls “grays” and they implanted a communication device inside her.   She was chosen to warn mankind of either a collision or near-miss with Planet X that would destroy most of mankind.  Her website zetatalk.com has a huge following and is translated in to 23 languages.

Listen in to the conversation about how aliens are inbred with mankind and how women have been impregnated, and how both men and women have been abducted for breeding purposes.

Herman believes there is a spirit component to Planet X and the aliens or beings visiting Earth.  His faith is strong and his message of this all being part of God’s plan is thought provoking.   I don’t know what “message” this alien “mystery” holds for mankind.  It does, however, make me think of the message in the many mysteries of our Christian faith with the raising from the dead, the virgin birth and the appearance of Jesus to the apostles after his crucifixion, to name a few.   I once read where a mature believer can embrace the mystery yet still believe.

Our beliefs are very personal and it is my hope that we can show respect for the beliefs of others, even if they do not match ours.

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