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Living The American Dream

For many, to live the American dream is to own your own business.  Yes, that can allow you to work at something you really enjoy, or live your passion, or have more control over your life.  If everything works out well for you, owning your own business can also make your rich!……..or…..

…it can have you working very long hours, risk losing your life’s savings, provide no steady income to live on, and create high levels of stress.

Websters dictionary describes an entrepreneur as someone who lives in the future, is creative, innovative and thrives on change. 

According to Entrepreneur Magazine the top 10 characteristics of an Entrepreneur are:

Full of energy
Like to be in control
Very confident
Love what they do
Passionate about success
Learn from their mistakes
Willing to keep learning
Good leaders
Willing to take risks

Do you have what it takes?  Listen in to “The Joan Jerkovich Show” Saturday July 30, to hear from one of Salina’s young entrepreneurs, William Justice, chef and owner of Wood Fashion Cafe at 157 N. 7th Street.  William talks about his passion and vision, working 18-19 hour days his first few months, and some of the challenges and rewards of “living the American Dream”!

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