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Private Investigator in Salina

How do you know that guy out walking his dog, or sitting in his car across the street reading a book, isn’t out to investigate YOU?

No, he probably doesn’t look like this guy in the picture with a trench coat, hat, gloves and big magnifying glass.  He probably looks like your average JOE…..or maybe your average JIM.

Jim Dubois has plenty to say about working as a PI in Salina Even though Jim put away his magnifying glass a couple of years ago, he talks about cases he worked on in Salina and tells us just what a PI does.

Private Investigator’s in the movies are always involved in dramatic, action packed scenes.  Of course, for the movies the boring parts of the job get edited out.  According to Jim there is a lot of time spent as a PI watching and waiting.  There’s also a lot of time spent, depending on the job, pouring through police reports and court records.

But what about the cheating spouse getting caught “in the act”?  PI’s do employ a wide array of surveillance equipment.  Hidden body camera’s, covert vehicle tracking equipment, or pocket DVR’s.  According to PI Magazine, one of the most important investigative tools is a surveillance friendly vehicle.  The most common is a mini-van.

So look again.  Is that car sitting just outside your house a non-descript, white, mini-van?  If that thought makes you feel a little paranoid, maybe it’s simply your guilty conscience working overtime!

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