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$5,000 KBI Reward for Unsolved Salina Murder

To hear Maria talk about her little sister’s murder, at the age of 24, was sobering.  Even though this murder happened over 15 years ago, Maria still cries when talking about it.  Grief has no time limit.

Gina Cyphers

What are Maria, and her brothers and parents, to do with the raw emotions of frustration, anger and helplessness, feeling that this crime has been tossed in to the cold case files and forgotten?  How does a family convince law enforcement to take another look?  Based on what some in this community think, this murderer may still be walking the streets of our community.  Doesn’t that possibility, alone, warrant further investigation?

When a family suffers this kind of tragedy the trauma is far reaching.  The shock and grief are understood, but the financial hardship families of murder victims incur are rarely thought of.  Add to that the lack of “closure” this family must feel as their sister’s, daughter’s, mother’s perpetrator has not been brought to justice.  Let’s not forget that Gina Cyphers was also a young mother.  Her murder took her away from her infant son.

This Saturday, 10-1-11, I talk with two victims of family murders.  Maria tells her story, but Ashley’s story of childhood sexual abuse by her father, and her mother serving a life sentence for murdering her father, is sad and emotional beyond words.


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From the Kansas Bureau of Investigation Website:  http://www.accesskansas.org/kbi/mostwanted/mw_gcyphers.shtml

$5000 REWARD

Gina Bridget Cyphers – Victim

December 28, 1995
721 West Cloud #54 
Salina, KS

From the Forensic Astrology Website:  http://forensicastrology.blogspot.com/2008/06/gina-cyphers.html

From the charts, we can describe her killer in some manner. He is of medium height with an angular, perhaps “bony”, body. His face features a high forehead and a long nose. He has thin lips which can seem bloodless when he’s angry. He has a strong, pointed, narrow chin that juts out seems “strong” and firm. He has piercing eyes of almost any color.  Suggest cops interview “friends” relatives and co-workers  of Gina’ s who are older males who use drugs.