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Baby Lisa’s Mom Drunk: “The Joan Jerkovich Show”

Deborah Bradley, the mother of baby Lisa, the 10 month old Kansas City infant who has been missing since October 4, admitted to being drunk on the night her baby went missing.

It’s not really that surprising to find a mother drinking to the point of intoxication after putting the children to bed.  In reality, surveys show that there are millions of mothers secretly drinking while alone caring for their children.

Mothers queried about drinking while caring for their children cite boredom, the lack of adult interaction and the stress of childcare as reasons for drinking.  They hide their alcohol in baby bottles in the diaper bag.  Apparently a bottle filled with whiskey looks like apple juice.  They disguise their alcohol in beverage containers so they can sip away while watching little league.   The empty wine bottles never seem to make it in to the home recycling bin.  Chewing gum and perfume are always in easy reach as a way to disguise the smell of alcohol.

Did this mother have something to do with the disappearance of her baby?  Unknown.  She was told that she failed the lie detector test and has given inconsistent statements to the police and media.  Hopefully, the truth surrounding baby Lisa’s disappearance will be realized as this story unfolds.

Does this mother have a drinking problem?  Most probably.  There’s a big difference between having a drink, or two, after putting the kids to bed and  having had more than 5 drinks, but less than 10, as Deborah Bradley admitted to.   Mothers who endanger their children by drinking excessively is not a new problem.

In August 2009, Diane Schuler of New York drove a vanload of children the wrong way on a highway after having 10 drinks and smoking marijuana.  Eight people were killed including Diane, her 2 year old daughter, 3 nieces and 3 men in the SUV she hit.  Diane Schuler’s family issued a statement calling her a devoted mother saying, “Never has there been a more responsible and trusted friend or caregiver”.

Even good parents, who are in the grips of alcoholism or addiction, will make potentially disastrous decisions involving the safety of their children.   For all the innocent children please take this message to heart.  If you see or hear of an addicted parent endangering their children take action.  You’ll know what you need to do to help, just do it!

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