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Doctor’s Haunted House; Ghost Scratches Store Owner “Joan Jerkovich Show”

Dr. Boo Hodges of Salina lives in a house haunted by “Helen”.  Helen, who raised her family in the home, was killed in a fire that destroyed over 45% of the home.  She was found near the front door.  Pictures of the damage showed soot-covered hand prints on the walls leading up to the door.  Helen, by then widowed, was living alone at the time of the fire in the mid 70’s.  A tragic ending for a respected Salina citizen.

Dr. Hodges didn’t believe in ghosts when he first moved in to Helen’s old house.  That was until things started showing up missing.  At first, his family thought they were simply misplacing things themselves, only to have them show up again a few days later.  When things started to show up missing more frequently than expected, the family got to thinking something else was going on.

This was when they began to research the history of the house and the house fire that took Helen’s life.  In time, believing that Helen was “taking” the items, they started asking her to give them back……and she did!  A spooky tale told in a most entertaining way by Dr. Hodges.

Haunted Antique Shop

Scratched by a ghost?  With video to prove it?

Michelle had an unexplained attraction to the quaint little house that later became her dream location for an antique store.  In the fall of 2008, when moving things in to get ready to open, eerie things started to happen.  Doors were opening and closing with no one there, footsteps were heard, items mysteriously moved, disappeared or were broken.  Customers even reported strange happenings in the store.  Michelle tells some very spooky stories of what children, who are believed to be more perceptive than adults, saw and heard in the store.

Most frightening, Michelle is shown on video tape by the Paranormal Investigators with “Show Me Ghosts West” where a ghost in her store scratched her when sitting on an antique fainting couch.  The investigators also have an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recording of the ghost telling Michelle “Get off my bed”!  Don’t believe it? Go to the youtube link to watch the video at the 5 minute mark:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJ_f5Boj4XE 

Two spooky interviews that are sure to entertain you this Halloween season, this Saturday, 10-29-11!

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