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Secret Santas give away $50: The Joan Jerkovich Show

For my Christmas weekend show, I gave four of my KINA co-workers fifty-dollar bills to randomly give out in the community then come on my show to talk about their Secret Santa experience.  The stories that Jerry, Lonnie, Danielle and Mike shared were both heart-warming and surprising.

Who would you randomly give $50 to?

What surprised me the most about their stories was how much thought they put in to this and how seriously they took their responsibility as Secret Santas.  Think about it.  If you were given $50 to give away what would you do?  Who would you give it to?  Where would you go to give the money away?  Would you look at how people are dressed to guess who is the most needy?  Do you go to a local food bank or thrift store to find needy people?  What about the local unemployment office or the hospital waiting room?  It was a bigger task for my Secret Santas than any of us expected.

Would you and your co-workers like to be my Secret Santas next year?

The other surprising element of doing this for the first time was how it drew in everyone at the radio station.  There was the expected bantering of co-workers who were always walking by with their hands out, good-naturedly making their pleas for how needy they were.  Or the teasing, targeting Jerry Hinrikus, about how he was going to keep the money for himself and fib about a story of giving it away.  Even I got in on the fun cajoling Jerry to challenge himself, stretch his generosity a bit, and give his $50 away to a (God forbid!) liberal Democrat!

……..the most surprising “gift”……..

The most surprising “gift” of this whole experience was shared in the stories the Secret Santas told for the radio show.  They told of the “gift” that they received by giving; how their giving affected them personally, how it made them feel really good, how it made their day.  It got all of us thinking of giving more this holiday season, so much so that another of our co-workers, who wishes to remain anonymous, decided to do his own Secret Santa project giving away gift cards.

To give is to receive

Secret Santa Danielle especially grappled with whom to give the money to.  I told her to give from her heart…… and she did.  Her story brought me to tears.  My wish for this holiday season is that we “give from our hearts”.  Our gifts may be money, they may be time or they may simply be a kind word or gesture.  To give is to receive.  Have a Blessed Holiday from “The Joan Jerkovich Show”!

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