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Broken Valentines: The Joan Jerkovich Show

Valentines Day isn’t all roses and chocolates for everyone. Many people are single at Valentines, the day we’re all supposed to celebrate our couple-ness.  Then what of the couples who don’t celebrate?  You know, the ones that just caught the partner cheating, or the ones who are on the brink of divorce?

Valentines Day is like a box of mixed chocolates.  Some you love, some you want to just take a bite out of and throw away, and some you want to poke a hole in the back for a peak only to return it to the box for the next unsuspecting (chocolate) lover.

For this weekend’s Valentines Day Show, my girls Danielle and Holly talk with me about relationships.  It’s plenty of  “girl talk” with a little “gossip” thrown in. What do you think?  Is an emotional affair still an affair?  Do you believe the saying, “Once a cheater, always a cheater”?  What was your best, and worst Valentines Gift?  We have fun with this one and hope you do too.


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