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Inflammatory Salina Post Comments: The Joan Jerkovich Show

The comments posted with the story about Friday’s demonstration in Wichita over the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin concern me.  They were slanted against the leaders and organizations that are speaking out:  Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, Jeremiah White, and the Black Panthers were named.  One commenter who got 5 thumbs up disparaged even President Obama.  

Are these the types of comments we want to give voice to in our community?  Would those of you who put them up anonymously be willing to print your real name?  Should the African Americans in our community fear for their safety?  This forum of division concerns and saddens me.

Commenters think of this:  Have you ever been discriminated against?  Has anyone ever spread lies about you?  Have you ever been criticized for speaking up for one of your own?  Do you like to be treated with acceptance and respect regardless of your point of view?

As we are all unique we will never agree on every issue, nor would we want to.  My hope is that we can agree to disagree from a point of respect and acceptance.  I believe our comments on the salinapost can move in a positive direction by changing to a forum of respectful discussion.

Feel free to respectfully disagree with my opinion.  I welcome the discussion.

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