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Older Applicant, Law Student, 70 Pound Loss

Older Applicant, Law Student, 70 Pound Loss

Gertie is having trouble finding another job after 18 years with the same company.   Leaving a job after that long can be quite an emotional rollercoaster.  Gertie talked about how she really misses her co-workers.  Then, being older, she has felt passed-over for younger job applicants and she is now at the point of feeling very pressured to bring in money to pay her bills.

If you find yourself in Gertie’s situation, as your Life Coach I want you to not only find “A” job, but also find a job that you really enjoy.  Do you know what type of job that would be?  Here’s how to find out:

Sit quietly with yourself and think of the things you love doing.  What type of work would you find rewarding?  What are you passionate about?  Are there hobbies or things that you do in your leisure time that you could work at or start a small business with?  Do you realize that you have the power within you to create the most amazing job for yourself?  Once you’ve decided what type of job or work you really want to do keep your focus on that.  Keep your eye on the prize.  Trust your decision, stay focused, and believe you will find that perfect job…..and you will!

Who would have thought that I would have my own talk radio show?  I didn’t know anything about radio when I first told Jerry Hinrikus that I wanted to bring my Life Coaching to radio.  In fact, when I first went in to his office to pitch my idea, I walked out thinking to myself, “Oh, S***!  What did I just get myself in to?  I must have oversold myself because he actually seemed to like my idea and I don’t know anything about being a talk radio host?!”

Then, if you could have seen me with my first interviews, I was beyond nervous.  I almost backed out but at least I knew enough to have my first interview be with someone who talks and talks and talks without much prompting.  You know the guy, Aaron Householter!  (I gotta love ya Aaron)   Go to my website and watch the video of my interview with Aaron and you might find the moment(s) of sheer panic on my face!  With a couple of interviews under my belt I then tackled my first “celebrity interview”, Dr. Wes Jackson, who has been interviewed by real, big publication, journalists……whew, I survived that too!

The point I am making here is that whatever you decide you want to do, you CAN do it!!  Believe in yourself, drudge up your inner power and confidence, and (my personal favorite) “fake it till you make it” (lol) and you will succeed!

Patrick, a 23 year old law student, talks about what a huge adjustment it has been leaving behind his friends and family for law school and how difficult it is to balance school with his personal life.  Patrick was able to identify some limiting thoughts and beliefs that were keeping him feeling unbalanced in life.  Could some of those same things be holding you back?

Jennifer has lost 70 pounds and plans to lose more.  What a success story!  I loved hearing from Jennifer because I don’t know when I’ve talked with someone who so easily grasped the core concepts of life coaching.  The one nugget of wisdom Jennifer shared, that is proven with Life Coaching, and I hope you take to heart, is to move toward your goals by taking small steps.

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