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Not-so-Perfect Mothers

Not-so-Perfect Mothers

As we celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend, all of us mothers, no matter what background we come from, can recount the times we failed our children.  All of us can be labeled as “Not-so-Perfect”, but some mothers truly have more challenges than others.

This Mother’s Day weekend, I do Life Coaching with three mothers from the Ashby House homeless shelter and treatment center.   One talks about growing up in a household with drugs and alcohol.  Her story is one of abandonment and abuse.  As a young girl she was left to fend for herself.  She never had any parenting to show her how to be a mother herself.  Another mother, the mother of a 5 year-old son, talked about her time in jail.  The most heartbreaking story was of the mother who, along with her young child, witnessed their husband and father’s murder.

In the final analysis, the stories these three mothers shared leave us with a message of hope and resilience for all mothers.

Ok.  So we’re “Not-so-Perfect”.  Just as the three mothers I talked with are doing; keep going, keep moving forward, look to the positive, celebrate with your children, tell them you love them and give your children the gift of a mother who takes time to nurture herself.  Let’s look to the strengths we as mothers do have as we celebrate all mothers this Mother’s day.

Joan Jerkovich is a Board Certified Life Coach, Feature Film Producer, Businesswoman and Entrepreneur.  

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