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Harassment in the Workplace; “My Banana’s Bigger than your Banana”

Harassment in the Workplace; “My Banana’s Bigger than your Banana”

Let’s go back in time to the 70’s, where an unmarried career woman had to compete in the workplace under the rules of “the good ole boys club”, the days where males were allowed, and even expected, to sneak in a pinch or a slap on the rear.  Then there was Mr. Grabby who was known for “brushing up” against the ladies in the elevator.  When Raquel reported his behavior to her supervisor the response she got was, “Oh you know, that’s just what Mr. Grabby does”.  End of story.

Oh how times have changed!  Or have they?  Amy, a young student in the male-dominated field of aviation actually dropped out of school three years ago because she felt sexualized by her male classmates.  She’s an attractive young lady who wants to be recognized for her intellect, not for her appearance.  Now 26-years old, life has helped Amy bolster her self-confidence and she is ready, once again, to enter a field of men to pursue her passion.

Hear Life Coaching with Raquel in the Podcast titled “Job Burnout” posted 5/20/12 and Amy in “Woman in Aviation” posted 5/27/12.

BANANA BANTER:  While we commonly think of women being harassed in the workplace by men, I admit to participating in workplace banter that could be considered harassment…hence the blog title: “My Banana’s Bigger than your Banana”.  A male co-worker and I like to bring a banana to work for breakfast.  We’ve gotten in to bantering and teasing each other about the size of our banana’s and, just for the record…I hold the award for the biggest banana!  What do you think?  Is this a form of harassment?  I admit to starting the all-for-fun banter.


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