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Fat Cats

Fat Cats

Go to the dictionary and you will find the definition of a “Fat Cat”:

fat cat  noun Slang .  1.  a wealthy person from whom large political campaign contributions are expected.  2.  any wealthy person, especially one who has become rich quickly through questionable dealings.  3.  an important, influential, or famous person.  Synonym. Donald Trump  (I confess, I added that one)

It used to be that when the term “Fat Cat” was used we thought of this slang definition, but with recent news reports of Obese Cats showing up at animal shelters, we now think of the Fat Cats named Meow, Sponge Bob and Garfield!

Weighing in at 33-40 pounds, these fat cats are a good 20 pounds over their normal healthy rate.  Put in human terms, their level of obesity would be the equivalent of a 600 pound person.  Meow and Garfield were rescued after their onwers died.  Sponge Bob’s owner was taken to a nursing home.  Meow died shortly after being rescued from respiratory failure, but not before he made the talk show circuit with appearances on the “Today Show” and “Anderson Cooper”.

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, reported that a recent veterinary survey found that 53% of dogs and 55% of cats are classified as overweight or obese.  That equals 88.4 million of the nation’s pets.  Common weight-related health risks for obese pets includes diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and breathing problems.  Obesity does shorten the life expectancy and diminish the quality of life for pets and some animal lovers have advocated charging the owners with animal neglect or abuse.

APOP founder Dr. Ernie Ward is quoted as saying that “The most distressing finding in this year’s study was the fact that more pet owners are unaware their pet is overweight”.  This is a phenomenon he has dubbed the “fat pet gap” or the normalization of obesity by pet parents who have made fat pets the new normal.  Dr. Ward also said “Pet obesity is plainly a people problem, not a pet problem.  The most important decision pet owners make each day regarding their pet’s health is what they choose to feed it.”

I see a new reality TV Show in the future.  A “Biggest Loser” for pets with Donald Trump as host.  I picture the fat cats all sitting around the board room table.  Their place in the contest is secure until Trump stares them down and yells at them, “YOU’RE FAT”!


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Sponge Bob