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Beat the Drug Test = Bite off Someone’s Face

Beat the Drug Test = Bite off Someone's Face

The drug dealers that are manufacturing “Bath Salts” are no dummies. They know how to keep one step in front of the law by changing the molecule or active ingredient ever so slightly, so that law enforcement can’t keep up with what’s being sold on the streets in time to develop accurate drug tests and pass laws to regulate the substances. Consequently, you can walk out your office door, show your ID to verify you’re of legal age, purchase bath salts with unknown and untested ingredients and “legally” get high.

Last night on CNN with Erin Burnett, Dr. Drew, an addiction specialist, described bath salts as similar to LSD, PCP and Methamphetamine; it is rapidly addictive and can cause delirium, excitability and violence. Dr. Drew reported that if you see bizarre behavior that is bloody and violent with biting and chewing oral aggression, think of bath salts being involved. There is a reported rise in bath salts use in the military and employment situations where users are looking to pass drug tests.

This is the scenario I visualize: Step in to my kitchen laboratory, let’s throw in a little of this and a little of that, and who cares if our new concoction of “zombie brew” causes people to chew off the faces of homeless people, ex-wives’ husbands or police officers, all the better! The story might make it on CNN! A great new “legal” high for our customers and free advertising for us equals more money in my criminal bank account! Who cares if it messes people’s brains up for life? The taxpayers can pay for their lifetime medical care. Even that’s not coming out of my pocket because my buyers pay me in cash and I sure don’t declare the income and pay taxes on my take! (I make NO APOLOGIES for that rant!)

Media reports on cannibalistic behavior linked to “Bath Salts”:

May 26, 2012  Rudy Eugene, 31, was shot by Miami Police after he chewed off 75-80 percent of a homeless man’s face.

June 5, 2012  Brandon DeLeon, 21, was arrested by North Miami Beach Police for disorderly conduct. While in the patrol car he repeatedly beat his head against the Plexiglas and yelled, “I’m going to eat you”. He continued to bark, growl, and smash his head. He was put in leg restraints and a bite mask.

June 6, 2012  Carl Jacquneaux, 43, of Louisiana bit a chunk of flesh the size of a quarter from his ex-wife’s husband, Todd Credeur’s cheek, the New York Daily News reported.

So? Anyone miss “The Grind”? Does your community sell “legal” bath salts? Bring on your RANT~and, like me, make NO APOLOGIES!