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R U Democrat or Republican, Take the Test

R U Democrat or Republican, Take the Test

Maybe the key to whether you’re a democrat or republican runs deeper than the politics and policies Obama and Romney stand for?

Maybe our government and politicians have at their disposal the secrets to controlling our sub-conscious minds?

Maybe your political leanings can be influenced through advanced methods found in the medical, neurological and social sciences?

Maybe there are mind control methods that are all part of a global conspiracy?

Does this sound far-fetched?  Not so.  Read on…..

Buyology Inc. is a self-described global neuro-insight firm that uses advanced sciences to measure and leverage our deeper, non-conscious consumer responses.  The firm has served global leaders in customer products, financial services, media, pharmaceuticals and technology.

In their recent study of over 4,000 Americans they were able to uncover the deeper, non-conscious, attachments consumers have with brands.  In testing over 200 brands, an interesting division appeared.  Republicans and Democrats Do Not Like the same things!  Duh?!  They don’t like the same coffee, cars, tv shows nor the same sports.

So what do you like and what does it say about you as a Republican or Democrat?  Which brands do you think are most preferred by Republicans or Democrats?

                                                                  DEMOCRAT           REPUBLICAN

Most Desired Car Jeep BMW
Most Desired Electronics  Sony Sharp
Most Desired Insurance  Progressive Allstate
Most Desired TV Channel Animal Planet History Channel
Most Desired Restaurant Wendy’s Subway
Most Desired Sports NFL MLB
Most Desired Coffee Shop Starbucks Dunkin’ Donuts
Most Desired Gaming System Wii XBOX

Did you guess correctly?  Do your brand preferences match your politics?