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Racism in America

Racism in America

Do you think that many of the American Citizens who dislike President Obama, dislike him simply because he is African-American?

An experienced media person, who covers political issues daily, recently ventured an estimate that 85% of the area citizens who dislike President Obama are racist.  Do you agree?

I found this news persons estimation shocking and hope it’s not true.  Then again, I was shocked to hear about the racism experienced by my young Life Coaching caller, Kelsey, in her mostly Caucasian high school.

In recent national news, a young woman, an American citizen, claimed that her local Apple store refused to sell to her after she spoke in Farsi and said she was from Iran.  The Apple employee cited the company’s official policy prohibiting sale of their products to countries with which trade is prohibited by U.S. embargo.  Is this a type of racism?

 Have you personally experienced or witnessed racism in your community?

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