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Girls Night Out with “Magic Mike”, WIN TICKET INFO HERE

Girls Night Out with “Magic Mike”,  WIN TICKET INFO HERE

Meet the guys who always aim to tease”…

…and tease they did!  The women packed the theatre and they did not go away disappointed by the raunchy, racy, highly anticipated beefcake stripper film “Magic Mike”.  The whoops and hollers at all the appropriate scenes …or might I say inappropriate scenes, only added to the fun of a girl’s night out!

As if the male nudity isn’t reason enough to go see the film, it actually has a pretty decent story line, but don’t try to convince anyone you went just because you heard it had a good plot.  You’re really going to go see this film for Channing Tatum, “Magic Mike” and his killer dance moves, not to mention his killer abs and not-to-be missed rear-view nude scene!  I’m seriously thinking of putting that up as my new screen-saver!

Take your pick, as I’ve heard from the different ladies, we all have our favorites. Matthew McConaughey as Dallas, Alex Pettyfer as Adam, Joe Manganiello as Big Dick Richie, Adam Rodriguez as Tito, Matt Bomer as Ken.  A little, or big, something for every appetite.

If you see the film be sure you don’t miss the scene with Big Dick Richie getting ready for his on stage performance.  He uses a vacuum device to “enhance” his stage presence.  The camera work for this scene is artfully done and two of my friends missed it altogether.  You can thank me later for that movie-going tip!  Go see the movie!

GUYS AND GALS, FOR A CHANCE TO WIN FREE TICKETS  do 3 things (no grumbling, the beefcake’s worth it!)

1. Post on your Facebook page:  Enter my name for a free ticket to “Magic Mike” from The Joan Jerkovich Show

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The DEADLINE for submission is Friday July 13, 10am.  Three tickets are being given away.  Winners notified by email. Tickets will be for the theatre of your choice in your area.

We’re on a roll ladies, coming soon watch for my blog on the book “Fifty Shades of Grey” and another give-away!

I promised pics of my two favorite actors from this movie and here they are!  Yummy!


Channing Tatum

Joe Manganiello