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Soldier’s Funeral Shielded from Westboro Picketers

Soldier's Funeral Shielded from Westboro Picketers

In the wake of the massacre at the Aurora, Colorado theatre, which left so many feeling stunned and in shock, a heartwarming story came out of Columbia Missouri.  Given notice that the Westboro Baptist church from Topeka, Kansas would be picketing the funeral of fallen soldier, 21-year-old Army Spc. Sterling Wyatt who was killed by an improvised explosive device while serving in Afghanistan; thousands of people gathered outside the church to show their support.

Dressed in red shirts, the supporters formed a human shield blocking out the six or so people from the Westboro Church whose organization, considered radical by many, often picket the funerals of soldiers.  The Westboro group believes that the military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan are God’s punishment for the US tolerance of homosexuality.

As reported by Janise Silvey in the Columbia Daily Tribunes, several times, Wyatt’s parents, Randy and Sherry, and brother Chandler, came out of the church before the 1 p.m. service to greet and hug attendees.

Citizens who deplore the activities of this radical group have been following their actions and organizing counter protests.  Link to this podcast to hear from my Producer, Tonya Powers, as she talks about her participation in a counter protest against the Westboro group held in Hutchinson, Kansas:  http://joanjerkovich.com/2012/07/24/response-to-westboro-baptist-church/

Photo by Don Shrubshell photographs