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Will I ever be sure I should end this relationship?

1.  I’m 75% sure I should end my two year relationship. Will I ever be 100% sure?

The young lady who asked me that question had already tried breaking up with her boyfriend for 2 weeks, but found herself getting back together again.  She talked about how, even though she felt “happier” broken up, she patched up the relationship for another try, but now she was considering another, more permanent breakup.  My answer to this question in one word was “No”.  We are usually never 100% sure of any decision we make.  With any decision that you make, that is difficult for you, take the time to process that decision using the methods that have worked well for you in the past.  For some of us, it can be making out a list of pros and cons.  For others, we need to discuss the decision with a friend to “bounce” it off of.  Spend some time with the decision.  That way, once it is made you can be more confident that it was the right one for you.  Listen to my video answer on this question.

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