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Progressive Politics hosted by Joan Jerkovich

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1. KNEA is sponsoring a debate between Janice Norlin and Tom Arpke Monday, October 22, from 4:25 to 5:00 pm. It will be held at Lakewood Middle School, 1135 E. Lakewood Circle, with Ben Wearing as the moderator. Please attend if you are able. – Janice Norlin, Candidate for State Senate

2.  Pete Brungardt, Republican Senator since 2000, endorsed Democratic Senate candidate Janice Norlin.  His endorsement reminds me of the comments made at the DNC by former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, “I didn’t leave the Republican Party, it left me, then again, as my friend Jeb Bush recently noted, Reagan himself would have been too moderate and too reasonable for today’s GOP”. – Joan Jerkovich

3. J.R. Claeys, “con man”, “scam artist”, wants to bring his Washington D.C. “business fraud” to Salina politics. Keep the fraud out of Salina! – Gary Swartzendruber, Candidate for state representative

4. Disappearing signs in the political arena are apparently a serious problem right now. The candidates for the minority party have had many signs taken illegally. What does the majority party fear from legitimate candidates? – Anonymous

5. When was the last time Tim Huelskamp had a public meeting for ALL his constituents, instead of only special interest groups. As the 2nd largest city in the Big First District, Salina deserves to have all its citizens represented, rather than just narrow, right wing groups. – Anonymous

6. What has happened to politics in America? Voters no longer expect or require any level of honesty from candidates. – P.J. Milham

7. Monday, October, 22, Brenda Siemsen, the current County Treasurer, endorsed Johnna Vosseller for that position and gave many reasons for her endorsement. That speaks volumes about Johnna’s competence for the job. – Anonymous

8. The site change of Huelskamp’s Salina anti-LGBT meeting from Christ the King Lutheran Church to the BiCenter was not, as the headline indicated, because of an expected large turnout. It appears the real reason was that the Board of Elders met and decided not to allow the meeting. The organizers apparently didn’t have Board approval, plus the many negative comments from parishioners and others caused the cancellation. – Anonymous

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