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Progressive Politics hosted by Joan Jerkovich

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  1. VOTE NO to discrimination. What if you had to hide your life’s partner out of fear of losing your home, your job, your ability to do business? Members of the LGBT community, ones I know, are outstanding teachers – elementary, special ed, college; they are workers against domestic violence; they are attorneys representing the state of Kansas, impoverished families, criminal defendants; they are rich, poor, middle class. It should be illegal to fire a person because of the consenting adult he or she loves. And when the current attempt to reinvigorate discrimination is voted down, Salinans should be exceedingly proud. – Ann Zimmerman
  2. “What’s that burning smell?  Could it be Romney’s pants on fire?  (regarding Romney on debate night) – Anonymous
  3. I believe that in order to maintain tax exempt status, ministers should honor the separation of church and state.  They should not be allowed to tell their followers who to vote for, as was heard at the Salina religious freedom rally Monday. Preach on religion and morality, not politics, then let the public decide for themselves. – Joan Jerkovich
  4.  Vote Obama – Save the Dream Act! – Anonymous
  5.  It is not a matter of religious beliefs; it is not a matter of personal feelings, whether homosexual or transgender existence is right or wrong.  It IS a matter of whether it is acceptable to mistreat an individual simply based on who they are. – Gary Martens
  6.  Women – Mormons are scary on our rights! – Anonymous
  7.  Latinos – Unite for your future.  Vote Obama! – Anonymous
  8.  Economy is up; unemployment is down; Bin Laden is dead; Iraq is over for our troops – Yes to Obama 2012 – Anonymous
It’s the debate quote that went viral!  President Obama‘s response to GOP challenger Mitt Romney‘s charge that the U.S. Navy has fewer ships than it had in 1916:  “Well, Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military’s changed. We have these things called aircraft carriers, where planes land on them. We have these ships that go underwater, nuclear submarines.”
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