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  1. IN OCTOBER 2011, the campaign of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach was hit with the maximum fine of $5,000 for errors in reporting nearly $80,000 in campaign funds during his successful 2010 election bid. The ethics complaint was filed against Kobach’s campaign treasurer, Tom Arpke, a Republican state House member from Salina.Kobach publicly stated  “We decided to come forward and self-report those errors.” Several Ethics Commission members, however,  said it was the commission staff that brought the problems to light.  “The commission does not condone a lack of candor. This is in no way, shape or form self-reporting,” said Ethics Commission Chairwoman Sabrina Standifer. – Anonymous
  2. It’s distressing to see how hurt some LBGT residents have been from hateful and false charges. – Thea Nietfeld
  3. I was shocked to hear some people feel JR Claeys has adequately answered questions about his work history and residence location.  Anybody who votes for him has no business ever questioning corruption in government.  I’m pretty sure when the government uses the word fraud, shuts your business down, requires you to pay back the money you take (did he pay it all back?) and puts you on a 20-year watch list, that’s pretty much a conviction. – Aaron Householter
  4. The BBC polled about 50 countries, including China, to ask which of the presidential candidates the people preferred.  Except for Pakistan all the countries were overwhelmingly for Obama. – Anonymous
  5. Salinans have an opportunity to try to balance our state legislature with candidates who will go to Topeka with a “voice, not an echo” – Vote for Norlin, Jilka and Swartzendruber on November 6.  “Rubber Stamp” senators and representatives will only serve to enhance Brownback’s misguided “leadership” and hurt Kansans for years to come. – Anonymous
  6. The 2012 election is not about “which party” – it’s about honesty, integrity and doing what’s best for Kansas. – Gary Swartzendruber
  7. According to an article on PoliticolNews.comMitt Romney’s son, Tagg, is a major investor in Hart InterCivic, the company that owns electronic voting machines that will be used in Ohio for this election.1 The article also alleges that these machines are easily hacked. Not to mention it’s an obvious conflict of interest.- Anonymous Contributor
  8. I hope the women of our nation take notice of Romney’s position on women’s health. He wants to cut off all funding to Planned Parenthood, and that is just the beginning. If he is elected women’s health care will be thrown under the bus. – Anonymous

PRESS RELEASE by Janice Norlin, Democratic candidate for the 24th Kansas Senate District:  

Arpke Flipflops on Release of Tax Returns

SALINA – State Representative Tom Arpke, a candidate for the 24th Kansas Senate District, has declined to provide a local radio station with copies of his tax returns, weeks after he agreed to.

“Mr. Arpke voted for a nearly $4 billion tax plan, which will devastate our state surplus and leave Kansas $2.5 billion in the hole by Fiscal Year 2018,” said Janice Norlin, a Salina attorney and candidate for the 24th Senate District. “In addition to phasing out the top tax rate for the wealthiest tax filers, this plan will eliminate income taxes for 191,000 partnerships, sole proprietorships and other businesses.”

“Mr. Arpke works in the travel industry,” continued Norlin. “But when asked if he worked for a company or as an individual, Mr. Arpke refused to give further details. The voters deserve to know if he’ll personally benefit from the tax plan he supported last session. If so, I consider it to be a direct conflict of interest.”

In a statement to KSAL radio published yesterday evening, Arpke stated, “I have filed everything necessary to run for and hold the current elected positions in the State of Kansas. All required documentation is on file and is public record.”

Both Arpke and Norlin agreed to make public their tax returns while speaking on the KSAL Friendly Fire radio program earlier this month. The deadline for release was October 15, 2012. Though Norlin provided her returns by the agreed-upon date, Arpke did not. Attempts to gather the records were unsuccessful until yesterday, when KSAL officially released Arpke’s refusal.

“Mr. Arpke could make this a lot easier on the voters. All he has to do is release his tax returns, as he promised,” concluded Norlin. “It seems Mr. Arpke feels no obligation to keep his word, to be transparent, or to allow voters to make an educated decision at the polls. The voters want and deserve candidates who are open and straightforward. Unfortunately, that’s not what they are getting from Mr. Arpke.”

Arpke’s refusal to release his tax information is only the latest example of his lack of transparency. Arpke has declined 36 different invitations to debate his opponent on Smoky Hills Public Television. An August 9, 2012 debate request by Abilene’s Eagle

Communications was ignored for nearly two months. When Arpke finally did respond, it was past the deadline and the station was not able to schedule the debate.

On multiple occasions, Arpke has cited his work schedule as the reason why he has been unable to debate.


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