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Progressive Politics hosted by Joan Jerkovich

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  1. Have you been watching Fox News?  Who is Gov. Christies’ new Best Friend in the wake of the storm in New Jersey??  President Obama!  Did you hear Christie say he “could care less” about a visit from Romney to his storm ravaged state? – Joan Jerkovich
  2. I hope the women of our nation take notice of Romney’s position on women’s health. He wants to cut off all funding to Planned Parenthood, and that is just the beginning. If he is elected women’s health care will be thrown under the bus. – Anonymous
  3. Arpke, won’t release his tax returns?  Voters expect their legislators to lead by demonstrating good character and candor! – Janice Norlin
  4. Some Americans may not agree with President Obama, but at least his position remains consistent and you know where he stands on the issues. – Anonymous
  5. The State Board of Education is working with many important issues:  implementation of the waiver from no Child Left Behind; implementation of the Common Core Standards; contemplation of the Next Generation Science Standards; advocating for adequate funding; working to find ways to maintain high quality educations for students in our areas of declining population while trying to keep the students in their home communities.  I have the knowledge, energy and dedication to do this job well. – Carol Viar
  6. I have successfully administered 25 fair and impartial elections since 2000.  Vote for experience and vote for Don Merriman on November 6,2012 – Don Merriman, Saline County Clerk and Election Officer
  7. Awaken Salina–wake up!  The pastors and politicians speaking at your “Religious Freedom” rally, wittingly or unwittingly, urged you to vote against, not for, your freedom.  There, in bald-faced and stark terms, they essentially called certain candidates enemies, if not Satanic, and others the foot soldiers of the Lord.  Will you really fall for this all-or-nothing, black or white, evil/good rhetoric?  Do you really think your interests are served by such over-simplicities?  Good luck with that. – Anonymous
  8. Note to all Republicans:  Johnna Vosseller, CPA, is the only candidate qualified for Saline County Treasurer!  Don’t put your taxpayer dollars at risk of mismanagement by voting your party versus for the most qualified candidate! – Joan Jerkovich
  9. Governor Brownback newest “plan” introduced last Friday regarding property taxes, is so far-fetched and irrational it’s hard to take seriously.  Where is the outrage? Kansas citizens can cast their vote against Sam Brownback on November 6th. – Janice Norlin (Read the full opinion below)

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OPINION:  Governor Brownback newest “plan” introduced last Friday regarding property taxes, is so far-fetched and irrational it’s hard to take seriously.

It’s a smoke-screen designed to confuse and divert the real question:  How will he make up the $2.5 billion dollar deficit he created when he signed one of the most regressive and irresponsible tax plans in the country?

He is a day late and $2.5 billion dollars short!! 

The Governor’s  Tax Plan, passed last May with my opponent’s vote,  has rewarded business owners and wealthy individuals at the expense of school children and hard-working wage-earners and families who rely on public schools, transportation, and social services. 

It’s ironic that the other front page story in the Salina Journal Monday morning is about the Salina Food Bank cupboards running low.

The good people of the 24th District did not ask for, need, nor expect these income tax “breaks.”   They know we all need to pay our fair share of taxes to continue to live, work, and raise a family in Kansas. 

After cutting the income tax leg off of the three-legged revenue stool in May,  Brownback and his followers now propose cutting the property tax leg off as well.   That leaves sales tax.

If the 2012 Tax Plan is not repealed, something will have to give.  Funding for education, transportation, and social services will be cut and the burden will be shifted to the local school boards and city and county commissions to do the Legislature’s job.  

Where is the outrage?  Kansas citizens can cast their vote against Sam Brownback on November 6th.  They don’t have to wait until 2014.

– Janice Norlin