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Progressive Politics hosted by Joan Jerkovich

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1.  Vote Obama – Save the Dream Act!

2.  Where are the Women??  I don’t care what your party affiliation is, there is NO REASON for you to be voting for any Republican. I’m 67 years old, do you of the same age remember what it used to be like? Do you remember what it felt like when a friend died from an illegal and dangerous back alley abortion? Do you recall when it was considered perfectly all right to pay women much less than men for doing the same job. Do you know how hard we all struggled to be considered more than just third class citizens? To the younger women out there, try to imagine what it will be like when you no longer have access to legal and affordable birth control. When you no longer have control over your own bodies and therefore your own destiny. Do you really want to see Roe v Wade repealed? If you can’t plan your own pregnancies, you can’t plan your financial future or your very life. If you want to be forced to have transvaginal probes and allow the government, not your doctor,  to dictate your medical decisions, than vote Republican. Small government? Not really. – Ardean Maxey

3.  It is interesting that the effects of extreme weather have impacted on the political process with Sandy and the RNC earlier.  Yet there has been no mention of climate change in the campaign.  Four years ago the Republicans and Democrats were both talking about it.  John McCain was a coauthor of a carbon limiting cap and trade bill.  It was killed in the Senate in an effort involving Ohio Democrats.  Ohio has a large coal interest.  The issue has not gone away, the science is not uncertain, and something needs to be done. – Anonymous

5.  Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (R) sharply criticized Gov. Rick Scott (R) on Sunday for his refusal to extend early voting hours in the state as individuals waited for hours in lines at the polls.  “The only thing that makes any sense as to why this is happening and being done is voter suppression,” – Gov. Charlie Crist in an interview with The Huffington Post on Sunday.  (Note the predominate race of the voters in this Florida line)










6.  President Obama, Vice President Biden and the Democratic Party’s position is consistent with what 90 percent of scientists say — that humans significantly cause the world to warm and climates to change and that, in order to slow climate change and eventually control its effects, we must slow down and regulate the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane… and develop clean, alternate forms of energy, like solar, wind, geothermal, tidal and biomass.

Governor Romney, Congressman Ryan and the vast majority of those in the Republican Party, however, strongly disagree and they cite a small number of researchers who say that any warming and any climate change is a natural cyclical phenomenon that has been occurring on Earth for millions of years and that human activity is not a significant factor.  Gov. Romney and the Republicans are wrong. It’s just not true. – Bill Nye the Science Guy, Richard Greene 11/2/12 Huff Post Science

7.  Today, while leaving our “liberal” church in town, we found on our windshield an unwanted and unsolicited Right-wing “Right-to-Lifer,” anti-choice card telling us how to vote in the election!   How dare these dimwits presume to tell us how to vote?

And how stooped and stupid are people who follow what these cards say, no matter who placed them, thus allowing some other person to determine what they do with one of their most most precious rights?

We on the ‘liberal side,’ as near as I can tell, did not carpet bomb conservative churches with flyers–and we know that some of the misled were at this very moment being TOLD by the pastor and superiors of the congregation (mostly male) how to vote.

There oughta be a law–one that CAN tell religious or pseudo-religious organizations that there are boundaries they cannot overstep, without penalties for such egregious behavior.- Anonymous

 8.  Silly ideas advanced as fact at Monday night’s religiously based, discrimination rally.

I attended the Rally that urged people to vote to repeal the City of Salina Ordinance that added lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals that occurred on October 22, 2012. The number of silly ideas, offensive statements and instances of overt marginalization of LGBT individuals presented at the forum was so grand that it is impossible to rebut each and every one.  However, a few stood out.  I have relied on the City of Salina Frequently Asked Questions document that was published when the ordinance was under study and debate to discuss some of these ideas.


Men will just walk into the ladies room at will based on this ordinance.

When an individual is either experimenting with or adapting a gender identity, they will dress and act consistent with that gender identity.  This adaptation is typically not silly or absurd; it is authentic in appearance.  Therefore a woman who is dressed in a masculine identity will be in a public restroom to use the restroom.  The individual would be expected to adhere to standards for typical behaviors for a public restroom.  To quote the City of Salina Frequently Asked Questions, “…a person within the definition of ‘gender identity’ would use the restroom or locker room consistent with the person’s gender identity. The proposal does not make lawful any currently unlawful restroom or locker room behavior (emphasis mine).”

One rally speaker anecdotally reported “men entering ladies rooms” at the bi-center.  My suggestion would be that if you see a man or men enter a public ladies room (or vice versa) that you would report it to the management.  The individuals may be inebriated or confused and those kinds of issues are handled by management.

Churches will be “forced” to rent their church facilities to LGBT individuals.

Again, from the City of Salina Frequently Asked Questions makes it clear that religious and nonprofit fraternal or social associations are NOT public accommodations.  However, if a church makes it a habit to allow the use of their church facilities for rent to non-church member, they have changed the way they use their property and their church hall could be considered a public accommodation.  The ordinance would not in any way mandate a church to hold a ceremony for a gay couple in a sanctuary.

The individuals who inflate fears around this issue seem to think that LGBT individuals would want to rent a church facility from a church that wouldn’t otherwise welcome them.  This view of LGBT individuals as socially bereft folks who have no place to have a celebration and would implicitly have to go where they are not wanted is a figment of imaginations.  This aspect of the law may force some churches to examine to what extent they withhold or limit their LGBT church members access to the church community.  This self-introspection doesn’t seem all bad.

This ordinance will be onerous and lead to big legal settlements.

While no one can absolutely say that there will never be any big cases that roll out of this ordinance, there is not much to suggest that it will likely happen.  This gives people a mechanism to report concerns through the Human Relations Commission.  It works toward a conciliation process for a “win-win” outcome.  There is a method for handling cases not amenable to conciliation which includes referral to municipal court.   The goals are to work things out but to create a standard for fairness in our community.  Again, interested readers are referred to the description of the process.  The courts only become involved IF the issue is not resolved through the efforts of the human relations commission.

Additionally, there is not a large staff with a large enforcement budget. In fact, there is no enforcement component.  This ordinance is triggered through a report from a person who feels discriminated against.  The City’s Frequently Asked Questions document stated, “The cost to the City to implement this change would primarily be the cost to pay current staff. The City does not anticipate needing additional staff to carry out this proposed ordinance.”

The main intent of this ordinance is to give people who feel they have been wronged a chance to be heard.  It also promotes a community standard of fairness and equality towards LGBT individuals.

Why are people so afraid of LGBT people having an effective way to have concerns heard and having a community standard for fairness and equality? – Janet Hanson

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