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Internet Dating, Internet Duping

Internet Dating, Internet Duping

Te’oing has flooded the internet.  Named after the duping of Notre Dame linebacker and Heisman Trophy finalist, Manti Te’o, who was tricked in to believing that his online girlfriend was real; men, en masse, are enjoying sharing their pictures of themselves with their “non-existent”, “invisible” girlfriends!

There are countless pictures of men with their arms around “nothingness”, but my personal favorites are the guy down on one knee proposing, and the one who does the movie scene from Lady and The Tramp, sharing the string of spaghetti!  Then, there’s the Father of all Te’oers, Clint Eastwood, talking to the empty chair at the 2012 Republican National Convention!

One thing can be said for these guys and their pseudo girlfriends…they’re practicing Safe Sex!

How can you protect yourself from getting duped in to thinking you have an attractive woman from the internet hot on having a relationship with you?  Follow the advice given by the creators of the indie movie Catfish, the 2010 documentary about New Yorker Nev Schulman who found himself getting Te’oed.

Is the online person you’re dating real?

  • Is she a Hot Model?  Is he a GQ guy?
  • Is there a tragic illness or injury involved?
  • Is there a sparse digital trail when you google them?
  • Do they balk at meeting in person, skyping or facetiming?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, your HOTtie, is most probably a NOTtie!

Have you ever been Catfished?  Listen to my Podcast, “Internet Dating, Internet Duping” for the meaning of this term.  An interesting story coming from the husband of the woman who posed as a younger, thinner, single woman to capture the attentions of a lonely romantic looking for online love…

Also hear my caller talk about the struggles he’s had with online dating; and the mother who was once homeless but is now juggling working with her 3 kids.