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Elected Official uses N-word, Actor Tyrees Allen Responds

Elected Official uses N-word, Actor Tyrees Allen Responds

Actor Tyrees Allen, Salina native, lends his voice to the debate over whether Jim Gile should step down as Saline County Commissioner after using the N-word at a public meeting.

Listen to Tyrees’s interview starting at 11:00:  http://joanjerkovich.com/2013/04/13/hubris-part-3-elected-official-uses-n-word-actor-tyrese-allen-comments-musician-staying-off-drugs/

The Huffington Post, CNN and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart picked up this story.  Listen to the mention on The Daily Show:  http://joanjerkovich.com/2013/04/13/saline-county-commissioner-n-word-incident-on-the-daily-show/

Dear Mr. Jim Gile,

            As an elected official, you did the right thing by apologizing for using the N-word at the Saline County Commission public meeting.  Your use of the N-word and your comments that followed, constituted a fatal error that has become a national embarrassment to our community.  It also lends question to your ability to represent all citizens in an unbiased way.

            We all need to look in the mirror because we all make mistakes.  Be the man of good character, which many people in our community say you are, and resign your elected position.  Only by stepping down will your apology carry the full weight it deserves.

Joan Jerkovich, Citizen of Saline County

imdbTyrees Allen graduated in 1972 from Salina (Kansas) Central High School.  Graduated from Marymount College in Salina, Kansas with a degree in theater arts.

Photo and bio from imdb.com