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Joan Jerkovich “Your” Life Coach~Intimate with Co-worker?

Joan Jerkovich “Your” Life Coach~Intimate with Co-worker?

I recently left a job where a coworker and I were intimate. I saw her out last night with another guy. I still have feelings for her but don’t know if I should pursue her. How can I let her know how I feel?

Have you tried the communication style of just straight out telling her how you feel?  No games, no strings attached, no beating around the bush; but just telling her openly and honestly that you have feelings for her?  The tricky part here would seem to be that you saw her out with this other guy.  Did it look like they were on a date, or just friends?  Either way, you will have to decide for yourself if your feelings for her are strong enough to weather a possible rejection, or move forward with a relationship.  Either prospect can be scary. If she does decide to go out with you again you may want to define your relationship.  Is this just a “friends with benefits” pairing or do you both agree to move forward in an exclusive relationship?  Having “The Talk” sooner versus later seems to be in order.

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  • Are your feelings for this person strong enough to warrant taking the steps to define your relationship?
  • How will you make a plan for telling her how you feel?
  • What will your response be if she rejects you?
  • How will you move your relationship forward if she wants to date?
  • How can you improve the communication you have in relationships?

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