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Joan Jerkovich “Your” Life Coach~Crush on Gay Friend?

Joan Jerkovich “Your” Life Coach~Crush on Gay Friend?

My gay guy friend would be my perfect guy to marry except that…he’s gay!  He’s good-looking (we would make beautiful babies together), smart, fun and has a good job.  When we go out for dinner I dress up and pretend we’re on a date.  I know there’s no hope for a relationship with him because he’s not, even a little bit, bi-curious. I can’t help but have a crush on him…should I tell him? 

Life just isn’t fair is it?  It seems that we can expand that saying of, “all the good ones are married” to “all the good ones are gay!”  Both are, of course, exaggerations! You ask if you should tell him about your crush, yet, don’t you think he already knows this? He may be gay but he’s still a guy and I’m sure you aren’t the first girl to crush on him or at least flirt with him.  Right?  The problem with being a Fag Hag is that you’re into guys…but so is he!  Soooo, of course you’re going to react to his cuteness and coolness and think he’s perfect~but it will never work to come on to him in a sexual or romantic way~and it may destroy the good friendship you do have.  Enjoy your one-of-a-kind special friendship.  Many women would love to have a gay bestie…myself included!

Embrace your Personal Power with Life Coaching~

  • What would be gained in your relationship if you tell him about your crush?
  • How do you nurture the unrealistic fantasy that you are “THE Woman” who can change your friend’s sexual preferences?
  • How does that fantasy serve you; or not serve you?
  • Does crushing on your gay friend keep you from finding real love?


Copied from urbandictionary.com:

You Are A True Fag Hag If… 

-You are a straight girl who has a best friend who is gay and spends a lot of time together
-You would rather go to a gay club than a straight club
-Your fag gave you your own drag name
-You know all the gay guys at the local gay bar
-You fag takes you shopping for mac makeup and then puts it on you
-Your hair and makeup are always flawless
-You dress up in his drag gear on Saturday night or dress in drag together
-You even dance with all the fags on stage when Britney Spears comes on
-You learned to vogue from watching your fag
-You fall in love with your fag (which is a bad thing)
-You try to convert your fag (this will only ruin your relationship with him)
And lastly… you find your self not being able to live without him because you have so much fun with him.

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