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The Joan Jerkovich Show moves to 1150 KSAL

The Joan Jerkovich Show moves to 1150 KSAL

My faithful listeners will want to follow my show on News Radio 1150 KSAL.  Here is my post introducing my show to that new audience~

Would you like to hear something new and different on the radio?  Something that you can relate to personally, that may help you understand why you are having difficulties in your life and may help you?  Are you a bit of a voyeur who likes to listen to gossip and hear about the troubles other people have, you know, those stories that make your life not seem so bad after all?  Are you in need of a little silliness and fun in your life? If so, then you will want to join me, Joan Jerkovich “Your” Life Coach, Saturdays at 6:05 then 7:05am on News Radio 1150 KSAL!

Here is what you can expect to hear from my callers when you tune in to The Joan Jerkovich Show~

  • Porn Addict:  24 year old uses porn addiction to avoid girls
  • Adopted a Sociopath:  Adopted son grows up to be a sociopath, now incarcerated for raping his foster family’s daughter
  • Harley Biker Chick: Refuses to date guys who want to wear her Red Lace Panties to bed
  • The Mistress:  She only dates married men; was angry when she found out she wasn’t his only mistress; now wants to break this pattern
  • Workplace Sexual HarassmentPetite Firefighter tired of being sexually harassed by the guys she works with
  • Hawaiian Businesswoman:  A surprising way of doing business!
  • Sober one year:  Maintaining sobriety and what’s next?
  • Beer Pong Business: How to make money from business featured in Bloomberg Business Week
  • Cheated with Ex:  Current relationship now on the rocks
  • Big Weight Gain:  After grieving death of mother and friend
  • Overworked Business owner:  Working 17 hour days
  • Chronic Pain: Finding inspiration for living with the pain
  • Girlfriend Cheated with Best Friend:  Ya gotta hear this one!
  • LA Blues Producer:  Connections with Stevie Wonder, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal~a darn cool caller!

~If you miss a part of the show, or just want to listen again, the Podcast will post Mondays on KSAL.com.  Let’s have some fun, solve some problems and support each other along the way!