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Wife Throws Mistress off Cliff

Wife Throws Mistress off Cliff

Yep, that’s exactly what a wife from Peru did to her husband’s mistress!  The mistress escaped serious injury and denied being sexually involved with the husband.  But wait!  There is a video!  In the video you can see her touching him in a way that, most women would agree, only a mistress would!



Oh, the mistress, that woman who dates married men in the hopes that they will leave their wives and families for her.  The woman who believes his lies about how he doesn’t like his wife and most certainly doesn’t have sex with her. Or does he?

One wife whose marriage broke up over an affair found out that the reason her husband started taking Viagra was that he was trying to keep up in the bedroom with not only her, but two mistresses as well!  All at the same time!  Their marriage ended and he took off with one mistress leaving the other mistress behind.  I understand that the mistress who was left behind was more than pissed off at him.  A bit ironic.  She thought she was the only one he was cheating on his wife with!

So, why would a woman choose to date only married men? Listen to the podcast from this weekends show to hear firsthand from a brave woman who opens up about how she has always been attracted to and dated married men.  Her reasons for dating married men might surprise you and you’ll want to hear what she had to say about finding out that she wasn’t his only mistress!  This podcast should come with a warning label that says: Ladies, be on the look-out for the little blue pill…

Listen to The Joan Jerkovich Show podcast “Mistresses, Cheaters, Non-Judgmental  Friends” @ http://joanjerkovich.com/2013/10/07/mistresses-cheaters-non-judgemental-friends/