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Too Attractive for Female Friends?

Too Attractive for Female Friends?

I’m a single woman in my 50’s that is often mistaken for much younger.  I work as an actress, have long blonde hair and keep myself up and in shape. When I attend singles functions I have women saying mean things to me and have a difficult time making friends.  Should I give up on making women friends?

There has to be a reason that women you don’t know well and have just met are being mean to you. Yes, it could be that they are envious of your attractiveness, but I would venture to say that you give off a vibe (that you are not aware of), that makes them dislike you. You’ve heard that saying, you get what you give?  How are you approaching them?  Do you greet them warmly, smile and show interest in them and their lives?  Do you show a genuine interest in them or do you prance around at these events with an air of superiority and a “look how attractive I am compared to you” attitude?

If you have no awareness of how you are perceived by the women at these events, get a female friend or acquaintance to attend with you for the sole purpose of critiquing how you act and the vibe you put off.  What you don’t see or know about yourself you can’t work to fix.  My guess is that if you place more emphasis on inner beauty versus outer beauty you will be headed in the direction of making women friends.

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  • How can you look to women for their inner beauty versus their outer attractiveness?
  • What do you believe in, have passion for or hold dear in your heart?
  • What inner beauty do you hold within?