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Sister Dying, Custody of Children?

Sister Dying, Custody of Children?

My sister is experiencing severe health problems and wants me to take custody of her children if she dies instead of her abusive ex-husband. How do I handle the legal and family drama that comes with this situation?

There are so many factors at play in your tragic family situation, it’s no wonder you question how you’re going to handle it all.  Look to maximize your personal strengths during this trying time. Tend to your own emotional needs and nurture your spirit, as you will need to draw on your inner strength as you navigate these waters.

Custody issues are emotionally challenging but unless the courts believe the “abusive Ex” will be abusive toward the children, expect him to get primary custody.  Of course, if there is evidence that the father is abusive toward the children, fight with all you’ve got to protect your nieces and nephews!  Support your sister by listening to her concerns and taking note of her wishes. She certainly believes in you, otherwise she wouldn’t want to leave her children with you when she’s gone.  Whatever happens with custody of the children, you can certainly promise your sister you will always be there to help mother her children and keep her memory alive.  What an honor she is bestowing on you.  You must be (you are!) an amazing person!

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  • Is your sister well enough to help you make a plan for the children?
  • Can you both accept that you will do your best to follow the plan?
  • If legal custody does not fall to you, what can you do to still be there for the children?

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