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Joan’s Excellent Adventure

Joan’s Excellent Adventure

This weekend I had three days worth of happy events that happen all too seldom.  It got its start when my guilty conscience decided that I needed to make good with my husband for our anniversary.   The day of our anniversary, he showed up with roses and a bauble of enough size that this die-hard jewelry addict was impressed, and I showed up with…nothing.  Even with the best of intentions, my day got busy and before I knew it I was home for the evening without an anniversary gift.

But, I made up for it.  I treated him to a weekend in Kansas City at an upscale hotel, you know the type…beautifully appointed…world-class service (as touted on their web page)…and even upgraded to Concierge Level!  How cool was that?  The concierge level was room key access only and had a lounge where breakfast and lunch were served daily; add to that happy hour drinks with hor dourves and evening after-dinner-drinks with desserts until 10:00 pm!  I don’t know when I’ve had Baileys Irish Cream, Cognac and Chambord all in one sitting! Adding to our excellent adventure, we had dinner at one of Kansas City’s premier restaurants where we enjoyed exotic foods such as crispy pigs ear, duck, lamb and Figgy pudding the likes of which is sung about in the “We Wish you a Merry Christmas” song. Even the specialty cocktails were exotic. My gin was hickory smoked and “puffed” out smoke when served by the mixologist who said that “here in Kansas City we even smoke our cocktails!

photo-1Capping our weekend was the ZZTop concert back here in Salina.  I became a corporate sponsor with both my Assisted Living company, Dignity Care Home, and The Joan Jerkovich Show when, first, I found out the show was sold out and, second, my radio show got picked up on 1150 KSAL.  It was past time for me to sponsor one of the Stiefel shows but also a good opportunity to get the word out about my radio show. ZZTop.  What can I say? The energy in the crowd was electric and the fans were not disappointed.

As I reflect on my Excellent Adventure I can only say that I feel very, very blessed.  I remember where I came from and how an upgrade from a no-tell motel to a hotel with a pool and restaurant was a big deal.  How my getting to shop at Kmart versus Goodwill made me feel like I had arrived and how I could barely afford to eat out unless I had a coupon. In the early years, I had to watch every dime, something I’m sure many of you reading this can relate to.  Even though I started out with little money I always had lots of big dreams..and a willingness to work hard to make them come true.  I’m proud to say that everything I have today I’ve earned for myself. I remember well the years of hard work and pushing through struggles that have brought me to where I am today.  As I look back I feel grateful for my dear husband, my children, family and friends and my community that has supported my business and my radio show!

What is my recipe for your very own Excellent Adventure?  Dream Big + Work Hard…then give yourself permission to Enjoy!