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Why do good women love bad men?

Why do good women love bad men?

This question was handed to me by a woman in the local coffee shop…There can be many reasons women fall for, and stay with, their bad boys.  Here’s what I’ve gleaned from life and my Life Coaching callers but, ladies, jump in and give us your reasons!

Good women love bad men because they…

  • Don’t think they deserve any better
  • Don’t love themselves
  • Have low self esteem
  • Believe more in loving their man than loving themselves
  • Think they can change their man
  • Think their man will change
  • Fear being alone
  • Love too deeply
  • Are very loyal
  • Only see the good
  • Are willing to overlook the bad
  • Are willing to overlook the really bad
  • See their bad boy through rose-colored glasses
  • Are convinced they can’t do any better
  • Have bought in to the message, probably from their bad boy, that they’re not good enough
  • Will stay for the social stature
  • Will stay for the money
  • Enjoy the danger and drama
  • Like chaos in their lives
  • Like to think they can fix their bad boy
  • Grew up with chaos so this is comfortable to them

Whew!  That was my “off the top of my head” long list.  Ladies, feel free to add your reasons why good women love bad men!