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Cross-Dressing and Bruce Jenner

Cross-Dressing and Bruce Jenner

The headline, “BRUCE WANTS TO BE A WOMAN!” was shocking, and I couldn’t get my hands on the Star, rag-mag, fast enough! I knew it! I called this one before the headlines! As a die-hard fan of #kuwtk, Keeping up with the Kardashians, I heard a comment on one of the episodes and immediately thought to myself, “Bruce is a cross-dresser!”

Now, before you think I’m going to trash (my) Bruce (I love this guy and he’s still my Olympic hero!) over this, let me give you some information on cross-dressing; and I’ve found no one better than the heterosexual male psychologist, who writes under the pen name Wanda Wilson, to tell us about this practice.  He writes, “This is a regular practice among completely normal heterosexual men. Furthermore, it is not considered an abnormality or an aberration within clinical settings. Males who have normal mental health and are productive members of society, often engage in this activity. Of course, they do not advertise it, but do it very discretely. They might wear panties under their regular clothes during work time, then go home and put on a complete outfit including breasts, make-up, and wig. No one knows because they do it in private. Sometimes not even their spouses know.”

My bet is that Kris, Bruce’s wife, has known about his penchant for dressing in women’s clothes all along.  According to the article in Star magazine, “a source says”, “Kim went in Bruce’s closet and found tons of expensive lingerie that was all stretched out! She took it all and left. A couple of days later, she walked into her parents’ room and Bruce was searching in his closet. When Kim asked if he was looking for something, Bruce didn’t answer and Kim told him she had his lingerie.  He turned red and walked out.”

Psychologist “Wanda Wilson” would understand Bruce’s plight because he’s been fascinated with women’s bras since the age of five.  His life story gives us a glimpse behind closed doors of the role cross-dressing plays in his life as a heterosexual man. It’s a compelling story and I thank him for sharing such personal information.

How do men get to be cross-dressers, you ask?  They may develop their fascination with clothing from the opposite sex as children.  The feel, or look, or sensation they get from touching, or wearing, or playing dress-up with their mother’s or sister’s lingerie and clothing holds a fascination and satisfaction to them that doesn’t go away.  While some may temporarily suppress their urges to cross-dress, often it resurfaces.  If they are lucky enough to be with a woman who understands, and is not threatened by, their penchant for playing dress up, it can become a part of their sexual role-playing as a couple.

Yes, some men may cross dress because it is sexually stimulating to them, but many do so simply to express their feminine side.  The thought is that in feeling free to be feminine men can temporarily relieve the stress society imposes on them to be strong, never show emotion, and certainly to never cry! Common misconceptions about cross dressers are that they are gay, or, as the attention grabbing headline about Bruce says, want “to be a woman”.  Some may, but for most heterosexual men, being gay and being a woman are the last things they want in life.  That said, Bruce’s finely plucked eyebrows may tell a different story?  As the magazine said, “he’s obsessed with plucking”.  You know how they say it’s “all in the eyes”, well, in this case it may be “all in the eye-brows”? Check out this pic of his eye-brows!bruce j

In the final analysis, when you think of what a boyfriend or husband could be out there doing, such as living on the down low having gay sex, or a mistress, or being a liar, thief and just plain criminal, I say that wearing red lace panties under his biker leathers or police uniform isn’t a deal breaker.  I admit it would come as a shock and take a while to get used to, and I wouldn’t fault the woman who just couldn’t get past her man raiding her panty drawer, but I’ll say it again, he could be bringing much worse to the relationship!  Anyone say STD’s?

I’m going to hold fast as a fan of Bruce Jenner. Let him be (allegedly) a cross-dresser. The tragedy for Bruce and his family is that something very private was made public, but that’s what you sign up for when you agree to be on a Reality TV Show.

For all you sports fans, flashback to 1997 and the headlines about TV sportscaster Marv Albert taken from People magazine:  “Patricia Masten, a hotel employee who testified at Albert’s trial that he had made sexual advances to her in a hotel room while wearing panties and a garter belt but that she had escaped after distracting him by yanking at his toupee.” (tee hee, I love the toupee part!)

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