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Miley Cyrus is being Pimped Out

Miley Cyrus is being Pimped Out

Miley Cyrus is being used.  She is being exploited. She’s only 20 years old and people all around her; people old enough to know better, and sadly, those who are supposed to be there to help her, are using her to make money off of her name and talent.  They are using her to forward their personal aspirations for fame and glory.  She is being prostituted out for the unseemly gains of others. Who are the pimps in Miley’s world?  Her video directors, producers, record label (the list can go on and on), possibly her mother who lives vicariously through her daughter’s fame?

Ok, I saw the VMA performance where her dance moves were overtly sexual, (and it wasn’t her skimpy outfit because Lady Gaga had half as much fabric covering her lady parts), and I saw her music video “We Can’t Stop”, again, over sexualized, but it was her “Wrecking Ball” video that really left me feeling like it was time to expose her Pimps for what they are…predators!

When I watched “Wrecking Ball”, I very quickly, on a deep visceral level, felt incensed with the Director.  I felt utterly, completely, enraged and incensed!  I had no idea who the video director was but felt with great clarity that what I was seeing was a very talented young woman being exploited.  It made me angry, and it made me sad, and it made the comment from her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, even more heartbreaking.

What did Miley’s dad have to say? By the time I got around to watching this much talked about video, there had already been some 230 million views (as of this writing that number is up to 288 million).  Just after I watched the video, I saw that the top video comment was from Billy Ray Cyrus, posted just 10 minutes earlier, which said, “I don’t’ know this girl”. Miley’s dad must feel shattered inside to stand helplessly on the sidelines while this sick predator, the video Director whose name I refuse to print, flaunts his daughter’s sexuality for his own personal perversion and gain.

After watching the video, I immediately googled the Director.  My instincts were spot on.  Interestingly, in my Google search his name came up with the word “pervert”.  Telling.  Although this “Pimp” is an acclaimed fashion photographer known for pushing the limits of sexuality, he has had numerous models accuse him of sexually aggressive, predatory behavior. As I read account after account of his predation and perversion toward young models, I felt nauseous.  How this guy hasn’t been criminally charged is beyond me…but then he got his hands on Miley.  A Pimps goldmine!

While one could feel disturbed by her (concealed) nudity in the Wrecking Ball video, what I found most disturbing was the way this perverted director had her posing in thin white panties splayed out on the wreckage.  The video was cut to give the viewer only seconds, a brief glimpse, of Miley in a position that should only be reserved for porn stars.  Anyone know how to use the pause button? Know how to pause for a screen shot? Of course we do.  So what she wasn’t naked? I think the thin panties were more visually, sexually, provocative and you can bet the director knew that as well…

Sick and sad as the video direction was, EVEN MORE SHOCKING were the still photographs, taken by Mr. Perve, of Miley in a red thong bodysuit that barely (and I mean maybe one inch wide of barely) covered her crotch.

Miley, Miley, Miley.  You have worked so hard to get to where you are today.  Why do you allow these people to exploit you? Is getting a bad reputation worth a few extra YouTube hits? Do you understand that there is a fine line between nudity for the sake of art and pornography? Who is advising you? Are you selling your soul for fame? Do you want fame, or do you want infamy? Do you need help?  Is this what you want your legacy to be?  Is this what you want to show your children and grandchildren?

To Miley’s Mom and Dad:  Our children are never too old for our loving guidance.  Miley is a big fan of Britney (Spears) and look how her Dad stepped in when she needed him most.  Miley needs your help now more than ever.

Joan Jerkovich is a Board Certified Life Coach who has never worked with Miley Cyrus.  Follow her at JoanJerkovich.com.