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Facebook Invasion of Privacy?

Facebook Invasion of Privacy?

Recently at a private family event pictures were taken that were later posted on Facebook. I don’t do Facebook and felt that my privacy had been invaded when people I barely know from my community started commenting on the photos. Am I just an old curmudgeon or can I ask people to not take my picture because I don’t want it on Facebook?

I hear you on this one. I resisted getting on Facebook for a very long time and didn’t understand the idea of sharing personal information in this venue called “social media”. The idea of having hundreds or thousands of “friends” felt too public to me. What I think happens once you’ve been on social media for a while is that you become acclimated to the sharing that borders on TMI (too-much-information) and to the not-so-flattering pictures. The more you participate, the less concerned you feel about this (sometimes) intrusive invasion of your privacy. I’ve heard similar complaints from others who are not on Facebook. You are not alone.

That said, yes, I do think you can ask people to not take your picture and post it on Facebook. Does that mean they will honor your request? Not necessarily. While it would be common courtesy to, when asked, not post pictures on Facebook or delete unflattering ones, not everyone will respect your request. Excuses you can expect to hear for not posting your pictures, or deleting the unflattering ones, will range from a sincere, “but I think your picture looks good” to a dismissive “what’s the big deal” or “what’s your problem, everyone does it”. You’re on track to not let people take your picture if you don’t want it posted on Facebook. However, beware that cell phone pics posted immediately to Facebook is the norm, and you will be fighting an uphill battle with this one.

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• How might you communicate to people at social events that you don’t want your picture taken and posted on Facebook?
• What will your plan of action be for if your request is not honored?
• Who do you know that loves Facebook that might advise you on how to deal with this?