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Baby Bree Taken from Parents over Medical Marijuana

Baby Bree Taken from Parents over Medical Marijuana

Steve suffered from uncontrollable seizures, at their worst he documented having up to one hundred per year. He and his Doctors had tried every medication available with unsatisfactory results. The next step was either a risky surgical procedure with uncertain results or medical marijuana. Considering his options, marijuana was an obvious choice.

To hear Steve talk about it, when his Doctor first recommended medical marijuana he laughed. That was, until he saw that his Doctor wasn’t laughing. Steve had tried marijuana back in high school but wasn’t a regular user today. He was a family man. He wasn’t looking to get high off marijuana, in fact, the chemical compound found in marijuana that worked to control his seizures was not the THC sought after by recreational users.

His Doctor had him fill out the paperwork, then, with the support of his wife working in their makeshift home laboratory, Steve was able to extract the chemical compound that worked to provide relief from his seizures. Hallelujah! Marijuana worked where no other prescription medication had helped. Steve was so enthusiastic about his positive results that he began to speak publicly about his experience.

Did his advocacy make him a target for authorities? Those authorities who didn’t agree with the medical marijuana laws in his state of Michigan? Steve shared his own ideas on how he and his wife came under the watchful eye of Child Protective Services and how it came to be that their six-month-old baby, Baby Bree, came to be taken away over allegations that she was at risk for exposure to marijuana.

This is a story you need to hear. It’s a Father’s anguish over missing two months out of his baby daughter’s life for simply trying to legally medicate a serious medical condition. The attorneys were on his side. Several even volunteered their services. All charges were eventually dropped, but there was no returning to the months missed where those baby firsts, like Bree’s first tooth, could be celebrated with her parents by her side.

Steve Green’s story doesn’t end here. He and his wife Maria have formed an organization to help other parents who legally use medical marijuana at the risk of losing their children to Child Protective Services. This is a fight worth fighting. If you disagree, watch the video of a sobbing Maria as Bree is taken away. If you need help, or would like to get involved, contact Steve and Maria at Freebabybree.com

Steve ~ Thank you for sharing your story on “The Joan Jerkovich Show”. You have enlightened and helped so many and your organization FreeBabyBree.com will continue to do so. You have done so at a great personal cost but one that has not gone unnoticed. Thank you. ~ Joan J

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