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Overslept, Lost Job?

Overslept, Lost Job?

I like to sleep, but the other day I slept until 11am and missed work! This was my final notice. I blame late night TV watching. How can I kick the TV habit at night?

If you’ve been fired for being late to work too many times, this is a problem for you. The cure to most bad habits can be to suffer consequences that hurt enough to motivate you to stop, and losing your job is a pretty big consequence! As an employer, I thank our grade schools and high schools for setting consequences for tardiness. This makes me wonder how old you are? If you are young, we can say that you are still learning about life. If you are an adult, there must be something more going on that you would be so irresponsible to get fired for repeated tardiness.  Take some time to think through why you don’t prioritize getting to work on time.  Do you hate your job? Are you chronically late for everything? Has being late become a habit for you?

A responsible adult knows that they either have to turn off the late night TV and get some sleep; or they will go to work tired and gut it out until their shift is over (assuming you can perform sufficiently and safely at work while tired). Turning the TV off is as simple as setting an intention or goal for yourself to be in bed by a reasonable time.  Sleep habits can be trained, meaning, you can train yourself to go to bed and get up at a certain time. It just takes awareness and effort.  You overslept? Again, a responsible adult knows to set their alarm (set 3 if you need to) and get their butt out of bed and off to work! Barring a crippling mental or physical health problem, you don’t get a free pass from this Life Coach on this one!

Embrace your Personal Power with Life Coaching ~

  • Why do you think you don’t prioritize getting to work on time?
  • What can you do to address the deep-seated issues that dictate your behavior in this area?
  • What small behavior changes can you make to change your attitude and habits?