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First Christmas After Losing Mother?

First Christmas After Losing Mother?

My mother passed four months ago. She was 86 and lived with me her last few years. Her passing was sudden and we’d been going out to events and shopping just weeks before she died. She was my best friend. I’m having a hard time. I cry easily. We had our little Christmas traditions, just the two of us, and I feel lost without her here to celebrate with. I’m just going through the motions of Christmas and sometimes feel embarrassed at how easily I cry in front of people. I’m just so sad.

Your story makes me sad for you. All of us reading about your loss can hold you in our arms (metaphorically speaking) and let you cry for your loss. You deserve to be held close by all of us and those family and friends who love you. Feelings of loss are magnified during the holidays for the very reason you wrote of, the traditions you held dear are also lost. While I trust that you will soon enough carve out new traditions, it is enough that this first year you just go through the motions. You will deal with the loss of your mother in your own way. Let your grief express itself in whatever way it chooses. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. There is only your way, and it will be as unique and wonderful as your relationship with your mother. What will be will be, and you should never, ever, feel embarrassed for crying in front of others. It’s normal and natural to grieve.

I’m sure you’re crying as you read this. We are all here holding you in love as you do…

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• What is your special way of grieving and feeling connected to your mother?
• What self-talk can you use to tell yourself that your grieving is normal and natural and will unfold in its own unique way?
• How will you allow others to support you in your grief?