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Stick to New Years Resolutions?

Stick to New Years Resolutions?

Every New Year I make resolutions I end up abandoning within a month or two. I like the idea of starting the New Year off fresh setting goals for better habits but wonder if I should even bother since they don’t go far. How can I follow through better with my New Years Resolutions?

Don’t we all like a fresh start, and what better time than the New Year? Yet, statistics show that only 8% of the people who make New Years Resolutions succeed in following through with the goals they’ve set for themselves. So, I guess that means that you needn’t feel bad that you are keeping company with the 92% who also abandon their Resolutions! But, I hear you in that you want to get included in that 8% club, and here are my suggestions on how.

First, approach setting up your New Years Resolutions with only the most important and well thought out items on your gotta-make-it-happen list. Tackle the goals that have been irritating you for months or keeping you up at night. This, after all, is the New Year and a good time to incorporate some new habits. You can leave the minor goals for a Monday morning reset. I’m just saying…hold out the New Year goals as the big papa and big mamma of goal-setting. Make it big and take it seriously.

Now, I know you’re excited to get started, so I’m giving you my cut-to-the-chase bullet point list on how to succeed in getting your New Years Resolutions to Stick!

• Approach setting your goals after serious thought and consideration
• Research, investigate and learn ways to improve your chances for success
• Break down the big goals in to smaller ones
• Make the smaller goals very precise and specific
• Keep the goals something that is reasonable to attain
• Set up deadlines for reaching your goals
• Build in accountability by telling others or getting an accountability partner
• Invest money in making your goal a reality—hire a personal trainer, financial consultant or Life Coach
• Invest emotionally by building up your support systems, decreasing stress and paying attention to good health habits with eating, sleeping and exercise
• Track your progress
• Expect to get off course and make a plan for getting back on
• If you fall off course, don’t dwell on feelings of failure or negativity
• Use positive affirmations and positive self talk to keep you motivated

Good Luck in graduating from the 92% club in to the “Elite 8”! If you want further commentary and motivation on this topic, listen to my radio broadcast this Saturday, January 4th. Details at KSAL.com.