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Warning–Relationship Rebound?

Warning--Relationship Rebound?

My friends are upset with me that I broke up with my boyfriend of two years and am already moving fast in my new relationship. They are trying to warn me that I’m just on the rebound but I think I have met my soul mate. Should I be worried that this won’t last since we met so soon after my breakup?

Ahhhhh, well-meaning friends. Remind them of their negativity when you and your new boyfriend are married ten years with two kids, OR, be prepared to have them tell you “I told you so” when this relationship breaks up in a couple months. What I’m trying to say here is that there are no guarantees where relationships are concerned. I’ve been known to say that all relationships are a “crapshoot”.

n. Slang: A risky enterprise.
n. Informal: An unpredictable venture; gamble.

I don’t mean to sound so cynical, but there are no guarantees in relationships just as there are no sure bets in life.

Alas, there is no clear research on the success or failure of rebound relationships, which are defined as those quickly, entered in to after a divorce or long term relationship. But one thing is clear, popular sentiment is that rebound relationships are doomed to fail. Will they? Not necessarily. While there are no hard fast rules on whether to wait or not before getting back in to a relationship, signs that you may want to wait would include: feeling like you can’t be alone; being willing to settle for someone who’s not good for you but good enough for right now; or your rebound relationship is your way of self medicating from your last breakup. Listen to my podcast on rebound relationships to help you sort this out, but go ahead and follow your heart for now. Maybe your crapshoot, roll of the dice, will be a big winner for you this time around!

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