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Young with Chronic Illness?

Young with Chronic Illness?

I’m a young adult with chronic illness. Most people don’t believe someone my age can have a permanent condition other than a sports injury. How do I have a normal life?

This is tough, and I believe that people like you are given this challenge because you are uniquely able to inspire all of us with your courage in facing life with a chronic illness from a young age. No, I’m not B.S.’ing you in saying that…I really mean it!

How do you have a normal life? I believe the answer to that is in how you define “normal”. Start with this idea. Look around you and list all the people you know who have challenges in their lives. Maybe they suffer from juvenile diabetes and wear an insulin pump? Maybe you know someone who struggles with depression or bipolar disease? Maybe you have a good friend who struggles with obesity and it has really diminished their self-esteem? Do you have friends who are dealing with having no money, or living with a parent that has an addiction? Do you know someone who is being abused by the person they’re dating? The point I am making here is that most everyone has a cross to bear, something to overcome. To look outside yourself can make your plight easier to bear.

To define “normal” is elusive. You are already leading a normal life, or at least the life that is normal for you. Yes, you may have more challenges than other people your age, but I’d wager money that you’re up to the challenge. Work on acceptance of “what is”. You can’t change the reality that you have a chronic illness. All you can do is manage it to the best of your abilities. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make your illness go away, but then again, I strongly believe that you will find within an inspiration for living that will speak to others. They will look up to you; they will admire you for how you are living your life. Courageously live your new normal and find a way to inspire the rest of us lucky schmucks who whine about a toothache!

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• What do you need to do to educate others about your illness?
• How will you define your new normal?
• How can you draw from your struggle with chronic illness, a way to inspire others?