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Cougar Mom, Enormous Breast Implants?

Cougar Mom, Enormous Breast Implants?

My mom just recently got divorced and she’s going crazy. She’s dating men so much younger than her that they’re getting really close to my age, and it’s creeping me out. What can I tell her to get her to settle down?

This does sound creepy for you, but this makes me think of how little control we have over the actions of other people. I recently watched a TV program about a son who was really upset that his mom was addicted to plastic surgery, specifically breast implants. She kept getting bigger and bigger implants and to see her she was walking around with mini watermelons on her chest. It was bizarre! When sitting or driving, she had to prop her breasts up on a pillow because they were so uncomfortable. Her son wanted her to stop out of concern that this was a health risk, but she was on a mission to find a plastic surgeon to double their current size. The Doctor interviewed on the show declined to work with her, but she kept looking and, reportedly, found a Doctor to turn her mini watermelons into melon patch whoppers. The point of that story being that, as the son, you may have no control over the actions of your mother.

Keep the lines of communication open with your mom. Tell her how you feel about her cougar ways. Maybe she’s going through a post-divorce phase. I recently heard a young man talk about his young counterpart female friend hooking up with random dudes, saying she was going through her “post-divorce slutty phase”. Divorce can make people do crazy things. It happens. I’m guessing that if you are concerned about this, others in the family are as well. Maybe you could talk to one of her brothers or sisters about her behavior and have them speak with her. Or, maybe, one of her girlfriends would speak to her on your behalf. Then again, her girlfriends could consider her cougar ways a “badge of honor” worthy of “bragging rights” and be secretly cheering her on!

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