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Ignored by Girlfriend’s Texting?

 Ignored by Girlfriend’s Texting?

I’m irritated when I go out for dinner with my girlfriend and she’s texting on the phone. Is she being rude or just ignoring me?

Sounds like both to me, but she could also have an addiction to texting. Yes, there is such a thing, and it is characterized by the person who has a panic attack when they misplace their phone…for 3 minutes; or they can text with the speed of light holding their phone in one hand and texting with their thumb (I wish I could do that ‘cause it looks so cool!); or they wear the scars on their forehead of always running in to things; or they know it’s not polite to text while at dinner so try to hide it under the table. We know who you are, texting addicts, and the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem.

What complicates the social mores with texting is that it is completely acceptable for young people to text when they’re hanging out together. They will even text each other messages when they’re sitting right next to each other. It’s their way of communicating and is perfectly acceptable. You need to set your personal limits with your girlfriend. If you feel that she is being rude or ignoring you by texting when you’re out to dinner, talk to her about your feelings and ask that she refrain from texting. Set specific limits to when you find it acceptable for her to be on her phone. If she refuses to respect your personal boundaries with the no texting rule when you’re out to dinner try this…get up and walk out on her leaving her to pay the tab. She’ll either get the message or you may be getting a new girlfriend?

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• What limits do you need to set with your girlfriend about texting?
• How can you keep your limits respectful of her need for personal expression through texting (translated as – don’t be a control freak with her on this!)