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Blonde, Buxom & Beautiful, Despised by “Catty” Females, Seeks Gay BFF

Blonde, Buxom & Beautiful, Despised by “Catty” Females, Seeks Gay BFF

Sound like a personals ad? It’s Vegas Baby! Men twenty years younger want to date her, women don’t want to be her friend. Her solution? Just make friends with gay guys.

The plot thickens. Rochelle can’t understand why women don’t like her. Are they just catty? She tries her hardest to be friendly. Are they jealous that she looks so good for her age? She says the women her age are overweight and have let themselves go. Do the women worry that their husbands will put the moves on her? Well, they should be worried, because men half her age approach her. Rochelle has given up on making female friends so she called my talk radio show to discuss how to go about making gay guy friends.

…but first, let’s talk about “Catty Women”!

A woman who acts catty could be labeled such if she likes to talk behind the back of her girlfriends, likes to pit them against each other, or in general likes to gossip about other people. A catty woman won’t like you and will plot against you. Yes, they’re out there, but if you feel that you have been the target of a catty woman might you also be to blame? You could be, and you’d be wise to examine your own behavior before blaming those “catty women” who just don’t like you.

Take the story of “SouthernGirl” who hit the Internet to find sympathy for how she has always been shunned and excluded by other girls. She says that even though she has tried they’ve just always disliked her and been “catty” towards her. A lot of guy friends have told her they think it’s because she’s attractive and the girls are just jealous. Listen to my podcast for how she got blasted by the commenters. Their comments shed some insight in to the fact that to make a friend you have to be a friend.

Give this “to make a friend, be a friend” list a try~
Listen and be supportive
Hold their secrets in confidence
Don’t gossip about them behind their back
Be positive and encouraging
Compliment them
Make time for them
Respect their other relationships
Support their having other friends
Women, don’t flirt with their husbands and boyfriends

So how is Rochelle going to make a gay guy friend? The make a friend list is the same, she may just need to find them in circles of friends different than the ones she’s been in. Listen to the podcast of my conversation with Rochelle. We talk about catty women, gay guys as friends, and she even mentions threesomes! Racey! It also tells a story of the trials of living gay and proud in a small Midwest community…my favorite part of our call!