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Beautiful, Girly-Girl Lipstick Lesbian says “Men Won’t Leave Me Alone”

Beautiful, Girly-Girl Lipstick Lesbian says “Men Won’t Leave Me Alone”

Marsella just wants respect. Yes, she’s a lesbian and comfortable in her own skin, but because she’s a beautiful, girly-girl lipstick lesbian, men won’t leave her alone.

When she goes out with her straight female friends she doesn’t dress like a boy. That’s not her style. So, men will hit on her because she’s attractive and, shall we say, doesn’t look gay?

Her femme style doesn’t scream lesbian, but why should it? Doesn’t she have the right to dress as she likes?

The men hit on her, and when she tells them she’s gay she hears them say things like, “Are you sure?” or “Are you all the way gay, or are you Bi?” or “You’re too cute to be gay”.

She says it sometimes gets comical when, after telling them five times she’s not interested, the guys still keep trying to come on to her. But then, at times things get creepy and annoying especially with the “creeper guys”, as she calls them, who won’t take “no” for an answer.

She tries to be nice and not hurt their feelings because she doesn’t like confrontation. But, sometimes she feels like she’s being mean by rejecting the men she is not, and never will be, romantically interested in.

Marsella’s story sends a powerful message for all women, straight or gay. If you’re not interested in a man’s advances, stand your ground. It is your right to say “no”. Don’t go inward and feel like you’re being “mean” for rejecting them. This is just the way the game of romance is played.

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