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About The Show

“The Joan Jerkovich Show” broadcasts Saturdays at 6am CST, then again on Sundays at 9pm CST on News Radio 1150 KSAL! 

KSAL.com will be hosting Joan’s Life Coaching Questions and Blogs and it links to joanjerkovich.com

If you missed part of the show or want to listen again, the Podcast posts to the website Monday at 8 AM CST.

What is “The Joan Jerkovich Show” about?
Joan is a Board Certified Coach and she takes callers for Life Coaching on her show.  The callers are all ages and bring to the show life issues that they are struggling with in their relationships, careers, business, health, spirituality, or self-awareness.  The issues the callers bring to the show are as unique as the callers themselves. 
What is a BCC, Board Certified Coach?
To be a Board Certified Coach, first you have to have a college degree; Joan has a BSN, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  College graduates apply to an approved training provider then complete the course work and practicum of live coaching experience to qualify to sit for the Board Certification exam.  While anyone with no training, no higher education, or just a weekend course can call themselves a Life Coach, to be Board Certified in the field of Coaching speaks to the qualifications of the Coaching practitioner just as Board Certification does in other fields of study.  The BCC program is very popular with Doctorate and Masters level psychologists and counselors.
I would like to call, but I don’t know what to expect.  How will my call be treated?
This is an excellent question because Joan treats all her callers with respect.  She creates a safe place for you to call where her primary goals are to help you realize your own unique gifts and talents in a way that honors, empowers and motivates you. 
Do I have to use my real name if I call?
No, you can use any name you choose.  Of course, your actual voice will be heard on the radio show and complete anonymity cannot be guaranteed.
OK, I’ve decided I want to call Joan and be on her show.  How do I do that?
To be a caller on the show email 2 things to producer@joanjerkovich.com
      1.  The life issue you would like coaching on     2.  Your phone number   
Then what happens?
One of The Joan Jerkovich Show Producers will email you back with information on being a caller.  A time will be scheduled for Joan to take your call.  It’s like having a private appointment with Joan!
Is there a charge for talking to Joan?
No, but that is a frequent question as people know that talking with a Board Certified Life Coach is expensive.  There is no charge as you are not a private client of Joan’s. You are calling for her radio show yet many, many, of her callers tell her how much the call helped them.  Her callers become her biggest fans!
How can I listen to the show on the radio?
The show broadcasts on News Radio 1150 KSAL every Saturday at 6am CST, then again every Sunday at 9pm CST. If you’re outside the listening area you can link to the KSAL live stream by clicking on the KSAL Logo at www.joanjerkovich.com
Is there a place for me to listen to the show outside of the radio broadcast times?
Yes there is!  All the shows are available on podcast and iTunes.  You can access those at www.joanjerkovich.com
I heard that before Joan started doing Life Coaching on her show she did other interviews.  Where can I find them?
Before Joan became a Board Certified Coach she interviewed guests from many different walks of life for her show.  Those interviews and videos are all archived on the website.