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How can I hear “The Joan Jerkovich Show” on talk radio?

The show broadcasts on 910 KINA, for one hour on Saturdays at 9am.

I missed the radio show. Is there any way to listen later?

Glad you asked! Yes, the home page of joanjerkovich.com has pod casts of all shows under LISTEN,  and raw video footage of the show interviews under WATCH.   The video outtakes are very entertaining!
You can also listen to the show on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/joan-jerkovich-show/id452625073 – Don’t forget to subscribe!
So, listen, watch and enjoy!
Can I call in to “The Joan Jerkovich Show”?

Sorry, but most all of our shows are pre-recorded so there are no call-ins. We do, however, like to hear from you! If you send us your comments and questions through email, face book or twitter we may even mention them on the show.
I looked for the show video but didn’t see it. When will it be up?

To accommodate our advertisers, we do not post our show video’s until a few days after the show broadcasts. You can still listen to the show in it’s entirety with the pod casts on joanjerkovich.com.
I heard a friend of mine was interviewed for the show. When will it broadcast?

Keep an eye on the joanjerkovich.com website because as soon as we have the guest interviews scheduled for broadcast we will put them on the schedule for upcoming shows. Also, listen to KINA talk radio as guest announcements will be made throughout the day each week before the show.
Who does that catchy song for the show?

That would be my son, Ben. He does a lot of work as a songwriter. If you like mellow rock and pop music check him out at www.benmyersonline.com.
I know someone who would make a good guest. How can I make that happen?

We like hearing from our listeners! Send your comments and show ideas to tjjs.radio@gmail.com.